MyGPI Learn

Bridging Knowledge gaps in Africa

MyGPI Learn is an e-learning platform created for the purpose of bridging the existing knowledge gap in Africa. It is designed for smart learning because we believe that life is more than improving skill sets, but also about acquiring new ones knowing that every behavior reflects a level of knowledge.

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MyGPI learn features


Every course has a minimum of a 5-question quiz at the end. This allows students test their understanding of the course and allow a platform for awarding certificates after every module of the course has been completed.

Study Groups and Forums for learners

This product has a forum/community which allows students to help each other out with problems encountered while trying to complete their study.


Students are provided with certificates of participation or certified diplomas from accredited partner institutions.


We incorporating an award system to make learning fun and less boring. Badges are assigned to students for courses they complete. This allows for the learning process to
be visually engaging and interactive.

With our modest endowments, we not only need to manage ourselves, but we also need to
develop ourselves.