MyGPI Employ

a complete HR management tool

GPI employ is a platform that helps enterprise users and individuals to gain more out of human resources. The employ platform provides a user with the best opportunities to access job openings from various organizations.

The platform offers a standard method of CV building and profiling that help potential employee’s displays certain skills that are needed by employers. This structure is created in such a way that it gives clarity on the qualities of an employee to the prospect employers (enterprise)

MyGPI Employ Features

Advanced Job Search

The advanced job search feature enables candidates/ users search for job listing based on selected criteria like location, company, job type amongst others.

Career Advice

Career advice is an added feature that helps the employee by answering some technical yet need to know questions career wise

Trending employment news

This feature informs users on the trending employment news based on sector

User-friendly Dashboard

The dashboard has a very intuitive layout that makes it easy to manage and make recommendations for your users.

Customisable tests

Create custom tests on any subject matter of your choosing and manage the results of your test takers.

Psychometric Tests

Our software tests for 4 measure traits: Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Rational Emotive and General Well-being quotients.